Wade Northeast “Tales of the Universe” @ Roi Et

Have a chance to visit Roi Et. Do not forget to pin check-in at the Center for Science and Culture for Education Roi Et. Here he relies on a universe fairy tale to present the universe. The universe is based on Thai folklore. There is a paradise-world-hell zone. Hope that helps cultivate virtue youth.
When everyone enters, they will learn the story of the universe, 6 zones, each zone will tell the meaning of the universe, hell, good and evil, as well as angels and monsters.
And present a new, more modern, more comprehensible content that is a model of the universe. With motion mechanism And colorful graphics, easy to understand. And more fun
The exhibition is divided into 6 zones.
1. Gateway to the Universe Introduction Zone “The Universe” through the lifestyle of the Thai people. On the left and right walls The graphic presentation tells the story of the good-evil that reflects that “the universe” is closer to the idea.
2. The land of fairy tales presents the “universe of the universe”, based on Thai folklore, elements and positions. In the Universe Through the model universe. The mechanism is animated. With beautiful graphics, it’s easier to follow and understand the content.
Most human beings present a parallel world that consists of other life forms. Beyond the human, such as monsters, monsters, etc., with various monster models. Get to play and learn. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie. And influence the way of life of Thais.
4. The sins of simplicity or hell in the backlight. Tell the appearance of the monster. And the punishment in various forms. Through the technique presented with the Philips. The monster is transformed into monsters, with the focus on youth and youth, so it is designed to reduce the intensity of violence. A cute cartoon character. And easy to understand.
5. Dan Boon simulates paradise in a clean tone. Let’s learn the paradise of each stratum of the universe. Types of angels The wall was drilled to get into bed, try to act as angels in heaven.
6. Heaven on the Learning Zone That reflects the relationship that has been applied to the culture. And the way of life of Thai people, such as the design of houses, residences, archaeological sites, all get the concept of the universe. I still see each other today.
“Fairy Tales” exhibition on the 4th floor of the main exhibition. Roi Et Science and Cultural Center for Education Thawat Buri District Roi-Et has admission rates of 10 baht per adult and 20 baht per adult.
Interested parties can visit from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm.
And highlights of the Center for Science and Culture for Education Roi Et. That is the sky is enough. It is a small planetarium. It can accommodate up to 120 people per round. It is the most modern planetarium in the Northeast.
Open Tuesday – Saturday from 09.00 – 16.00 hrs. Closed on Sundays. Monday and public holidays Visitor Fee 30 Baht / seat
For more information, please call 043 569 340