Visiting Ban Muang Nong Khai society, the most spectacular along the Mekong bank.

Sangkhom another district, Rim Khong district of Nong Khai Known for the beauty of nature and the way of life of the villagers that are still simple. There are many tourist attractions to visit. That is famous and known Probably a skywalk of Wat Pha Tak Suea viewpoint. Phu Huay Ison sea of ​​mist The miracle of the serpent cave waiting for many people to visit. When we enter the society district to Ban Muang, which is a famous tourist district of society. Throughout the route you will see the beautiful Mekong smooth road, which is a picture of the island. Sand dunes rise above the water. Which will be more evident in the dry season when the Mekong River decreases Is the beauty of the creative nature that we will find

The skywalk of Wat Pha Tak Suea begins with the first destination. Pha Tak Sue Temple We chose to stay in Nong Khai for 1 night and left the accommodation early in order to preserve the atmosphere in the morning. From the city it takes about 1 hour to arrive. Pha Taksu Temple Pha Taksu Temple Is a temple that is located on a high hill This temple is not only a place of practice. But is also a tourist attraction with natural beauty There are tourists visiting the beauty uninterrupted. The temple has one of the most beautiful views of the Mekong River. The cliffside skywalk is a circular clear glass path for viewing. If traveling in the morning, there may be a chance to see some mist floating above the Mekong River as well.

เที่ยวสังคม บ้านม่วง หนองคาย สุดฟิน ริมฝั่งโขง

The way to Pha Tak Sue Temple Have to drive up the hill but not very steep The road is paved with rubber, easy to drive. On the way you will see the Mekong River. And many trees Upon arriving at the temple, there is a convenient parking lot. Inside the temple, the atmosphere is shady and quiet. There are 1 worshiping spot in front of the entrance and walking up to the top, there is another church, which has a Naga stairway leading to the church. Inside the Buddha statue of the temple.