Ultimate Honeymoon In Italy

Honeymoon planning is just as exciting as planning your own wedding. Romantic beaches, beautiful sunsets and colorful streets, they all sound like the dreams of all couples. Not sure where to go to travel. We want to show you what the best Italian honeymoons will look like. We think Italy is a perfect honeymoon destination because of its beautiful beaches, beautiful coastline, beautiful plants, tranquil villas in some of Europe’s most exotic cities, and the perfect food. Here are some tips on how to plan your best Italian honeymoon.

Italian Honeymoon
Central Tuscany
10 nights Italian Honeymoon
Rome – Florence – Venice
Authentic Italy
Italian Honeymoon
Many couples are interested in Italy as their preferred honeymoon destination. We would like to arrange our wedding in Italy. But because our family is spread around the world, we decided to marry in the UK. However, we would like to enjoy the extensive honeymoon in Seychelles, a long journey through New Zealand and visit the most romantic places in Europe. In the end we visited Italy and that was when we fell in love with the country. In fact, we love our time in Italy so much we decided to organize our own honeymoon delay all over Italy. We started our adventure in Belaggio, around Lake Como. We spent two nights loving every second of our time there. Everyone loves pizza. But trust us, nobody makes pizza crust better than the Italians. There is something truly romantic about walking by hand that colorful Italian streets. We ended our day with a view of the Italian Alps and the Swizz Beam, seeing the spectacular Lake Como.

Our journey took us to Venice, where we stayed in a long-lived, long-haired mansion and beautiful statue. We continue to travel to Rome, where we visit cultural activities and love to eat Italian food. We finish off our time in Liguria, a crescent-shaped in northwestern Italy. The perfect Mediterranean coastline, this postcard is known as the Italian Riviera.

Italian Honeymoon Route

Central Tuscany
Melissa from Why Not Let’s Go Take in Lucca’s Quality for Her Italian Honeymoon

“We were fortunate enough to be in an old villa outside of Lucca. We are not a typical honeymoon couple and we plan to live in Italy rather than touring and sightseeing. Vegetable garden, grocery store Everyday and go to the local gelateria every night. We love that we become part of the community, we are invited to a dinner to sagras. To concerts, we embraced Italian life and embraced us. We continue to have close relationships. Go to a lot of people in the community and return to visit our favorite places.

We have traveled and stayed throughout Italy. But our preference is Lucca or close. Being in central Tuscany makes it easy to move around. We take trips to the nearby beaches of Viareggio and Forte di Marmi, a weekend to Florence, and travel south to Rome and north to Venice (from where we cruise the Mediterranean. Luke is a city large enough to offer a great shopping, dining and business. But not too big, it is amazing to tourists. It is one of the few fully enclosed walled towns. It has a medieval charm and a long history. ”

Rome Italy

10 nights Italian Honeymoon
Tracy from Tracy Kaler spent 10 nights enjoying the parts of Italy. Here is how she spent her Italian honeymoon:

“I’m not sure why we chose Italy for our 2000 honeymoon. Maybe it was a great experience we heard from friends or family or my immortal love of pasta. To be honest, I can not remember. Why, but I remember our honeymoon trip like yesterday, I knew after a few short days that it was just the beginning of my lifelong passion with The division of Italian wine and culture

My husband and I flew to Rome and spent three nights exploring the iconic sights, including the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Chapel Sistine. We sipped Frascati to eat ice cream, and of course, we immersed ourselves in Italian food and wine.

Our second stop is Florence. While I like Rome, I like all the details about Florence so much that I think there. Michelangelo’s David at Accademia, Duomo, Uffizi Gallery and another four nights with simple Italian cuisine. But it’s like I’ve never tasted. One of the most memorable meals of our lives is at La Giostra, a family restaurant that continues to share the magic of Italian culture and tradition through cooking to this day.


Our 10-night trip continues to surprise us as we finish our honeymoon in Venice, which is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world and for good reason! Of course, the gondola ride of Venice and the legendary Bridge of Sighs crossing back to our hotel each night make us feel like we are in a fairy tale. My husband nursed pigeons at Piazza San Marco. The bustle of the table we go back every day, despite having a tour. We can not stay away! But it was a time when we spent the streets of this charming city without any agenda or place to be and lost in a labyrinth of alleyways that are now traveling. This is the first time I remember.

We started talking about our return to Italy as soon as we got on the plane at Venice Airport. We finally returned 16 years later, but this time to Milan, Genoa and Piedmont. Again, we were fascinated by Italian magic.

I travel a lot and intend to travel to many other countries in my life. But Italy is the country where I will come back again. No trip, even when compared to the first, when my groom and I explored Rome, Florence and Venice were newly married couples.

Beautiful Italian Honeymoon

Rome – Florence – Venice
Nina from Traveling with Nina Travels around Rome, Florence and Venice. Nina and her husband love Rome most and tell us that we want to try pizza oven in Florence:

We got married very well and never left the country, we wanted to go to Europe so we chose Italy because we knew it was delicious and exciting. We went to Rome, Florence and Venice. This trip made us fall in love with the trip.

Rome to this day is one of our favorite cities in the world. We returned to celebrate the 5th anniversary of last year to return to the beauty and beauty of the Trevi Fountain. Italy has everything we could possibly need, including good food, historical sites, beautiful walks, nice people and lovely hotels. You do not have to drive in big cities and can easily travel by train. It seems every corner of our visit to Rome, we are all welcomed with a history of ancient times. Actually seeing the Colosseum is amazing to be a lover.

We do not know where we are until we try pizza in the oven in Florence. Believe me until you eat this pizza, you do not know what pizza is. We married in December, so this is an off-season party for the tour. But we saw Venice at the firestorm to prepare for Christmas. Saying that sipping wine by the water and strolling through the small streets of the city with flashing lights is a romantic affair. It is what I think. I love telling people that I take a honeymoon in Italy because it is magic; Not some common beach. Italy opens our eyes to the exciting and delicious world of travel. ”

Florence Italy

Authentic Italy
Matt from Little Roads Europe tells us that it’s not just a dream city in Italy. But also have a beautiful experience that you can have during a road trip:

“We drank our honeymoon in Italy, starting in Rome and drove all over the country, ending up in Venice for us, in the meantime, giving us real food, people, landscapes, Lack of hordes of tourism. We have a few days at agriturismo in Umbria and a few other places in Emilia-Romagna (a vast breadbasket area north of Tuscany), which is the area that really catches us, so we’ll come back again. And again this is the area of ​​food we know and love in America: Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, balsamic vinegar, prosciutto and culatello, and other salamis stuffed with beautiful tortellini past travelers who travel less than the most famous beautiful areas. Scenery and castles to visit and wonderful people. “