Traveling the city of Yutthavi Color of Benjarong Supanburi

I’m not sure if this is the case.
The first part of this song is from the young age. Of course we have a good trip. In Suphanburi That is even a secondary city. But it is not second to none.
Start the first With the blessing of the blessing that the prosperity. Wat Laleyai Worawihan It is a long history of more than 1,200 years to hear that if anyone comes to Suphan, do not come to pay homage to Luang Por Wat at this temple is not coming!
The temple is enshrined Luang Poo. Wild Leaf Village Art of the U Thong Suphan Landscape. The statue sitting on the foot of the height of 23.47 meters inside the Buddha statue containing 36 relics from the temple.
In addition, Wat Pa Lee It is associated with the famous literature of Thailand. I’m sorry. Sunthorn Phu’s city of Suphan.
Wat Laleyai Worawihan
Coordinates: Suphanburi, Suphanburi 72000
Phone: 035-521628
Then come. The Thai Farmer or Native Spiritual Learning Center is a good place to study farming practices that are appropriate to current conditions. To help farmers reduce costs, increase productivity and succeed in their careers. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The royal speech to the children of Thailand.
When stepping inside the learning center. To experience the beauty of green fields. The highlight is the transformation of the shape. Such as Thailand map, amazing Thai, etc., can be seen clearly when viewed on. Farmers Warning Hall 3-storey high-rise, 14.5 meters high, 360-degree panoramic view, can secure a large number of visitors.
There are also many other parts such as the Thai farmer’s past. It is a tall Thai house. The basement It is a place to showcase equipment used in the past, such as farming tools. Fishing tools Woodworking tools, including buffalo sticks, are considered an important part of traditional Thai farmer’s life.
A store or souvenir shop. This is a replica of a past store. The collection of various accessories to the various Thai houses. The event was held to give visitors a better understanding of Thai culture.
Thai Farmer Spirituality and Spiritual Learning Center
Coordinates: 150/6 Moo 8, Ban Pho, Muang District, Suphan Buri
Phone: 09-2626-1515
Open daily from 8 am to 5 pm.
Famous place Next to Nopparat, the restaurant is located opposite Wat Pa Lee Lai Worawihan. Chinese menu And popular Thai food. All menus do not use MSG in cooking. They also received CLEAN FOOD GOOD TASTE from 2000 to present. It is a Suphan Buri restaurant for over 30 years.
The menu has many names. This menu has both. Deep-fried Shrimp, Shrimp, Oyster, Tom Yum Fish Soup, Three-Tone Fish, Fried Lemon Chicken, Deep Fried Cabbage, Fish Sauce and Honeysuckle
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Nopparat Restaurant
Coordinates: 338/2 Mahalai Rd., Muang, Suphan Buri
Phone: 035-555333, 08-1587-5214
Open daily: 10.30 am – 9 pm (Closed on Wednesdays)

This is the end of the trip. Benjarong Thong Pho Phraya Factory is a place to sell and produce porcelain that has been around since ancient times. Visitors can visit the process of making a benjarong. And the way of life of Thai people. In addition, the application of the Benjarong pattern is contemporary. Can be used in daily life as well.
Nowadays, the benjarong made of more than 30 colors, including gold, is called “Benjarong”. Try to draw a benjarong at the Benjarong Thong Pho Phraya factory. Price 790 baht / person. Please call 1 day in advance.)
Benjarong Thong Pho
Coordinates: 26/7 Moo 7, Pho Phraya, Amphur Muang, Suphan Buri 72000
Phone: 08-6336-3386, 0-3553-5890-1
Open daily at 08.00-17.00.
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