Travel in Thailand near Bangkok

  1. Visiting Sattahip, Chonburi Province



Many attractions Traveling to travel comfortably, just a little closer to Bangkok The importance of Sattahip is the city of the largest naval base in the country. In addition, there are many other attractions. Friends will find a clean white sand beach. Should play the most water Various historical sites   

Interesting Sattahip attractions such as Koh Kham Marine Park A small diver’s paradise that sea lovers should not miss, Buddha statue, Khao Chi Chan cliff, Sea turtle conservation center, Visit the Chakri Naruebet boat Or visiting the community of Ban Chong Samae San, etc.

2.Wai Phra Ang Thong


“Ang Thong”, a small province located in the central lowlands Not far from Bangkok, many people prefer to pay homage to the Buddha. It is also full of historic temples and has many interesting and beautiful things. But today we picked it up as well.

         -Wat Muang is located at Hua Saphan Sub-district Wiset Chai Chan District This temple is a popular Buddhist temple. “Sakon Nawamin Buddha, Sri Wiset Chai Chan” has a lap of 62 meters, 93 meters high, is the largest Buddha statue in the world.

         Pa Mok Worawihan Temple Located in Pa Mok Subdistrict, Pa Mok District Buddha statue, brickwork, gilding Has a length of 22.58 meters from Phra Malee to the end of the foot

– Tha Sutthawat Temple Located at Bang Sadet Subdistrict, Pa Mok District, is an old temple built in the early Ayutthaya period. Inside the temple, the Buddha statue has a Buddha statue, a sandstone, a cement mortar, and a gold seal. The principal body of this villager is called “Luang Pho Yim” because he has a Buddhist style like a lollipop Is the art of the Ayutthaya period, at the beginning of the Mara Mara, sitting cross-legged

– Ang Thong Worawihan Temple Located at Bangkaew Subdistrict Mueang Ang Thong District This temple has a beautiful temple. There is a bell-shaped pagoda decorated with stained glass and a Thai-style cubicle built with beautiful teak wood


– Tonson Temple is located on the west side of the Chao Phraya River opposite the Ang Thong Technical College. Is enshrined by the Buddha image, the name “Somdet Phra Buddha Nawakutrat, Sri Muang Thong” or the initials “King Sri Muang Thong”, a lap size of 6 meters, 3 cubits, 9 inches high, 9 meters, 1 elbow, 19 inches, cast with metal, all in love, gilded It is the first Buddha image, cast by the largest metal, and has a very beautiful Buddhist style.

          – Wat Chaiyo Worawihan (Wat Ket Chaiyo) located in Chaiyo District, Chaiyo District is enshrined “Phra Maha Buddhapimuk” or “Luang Pho To” of Wat Chaiyo is a sacred Buddha image that Ang Thong people and neighboring provinces give great faith

          Wat Khun Inthapramun Located in Inthapram Subdistrict Pho Thong District Is a large reclining Buddha image that is named “Phra Sri Muang Thong” has a length of 50 meters (25 meters) from the end of Phra Malei

3.Wat Phathai Chai Temple, Nakhon Pathom Province

       Meditation Temple With the practice of the teachings of the Lord Buddha By following the guidelines of the parents, teachers, Luang Pu Man, Phurithatto and Luang, looking for Bua Yan Sampuno when entering inside Will see the white pagoda There is a wall around Inside there are various statues around the walls and around the pagoda beautifully. Highlighted on the beautiful pavilion Decorated with painting Inside the pavilion paved with wood Each pillar of the pavilion has a beautiful golden Thai pattern.