The best way to attract sunshine in NORWAY.

Visiting the unique and colorful natural phenomenon called Aurora Borealis with your own eyes is an interesting thing for many sailors.

Since “light show” is most visible in places above the Arctic Circle in the Northern Hemisphere, every winter, hundreds of winter goblins head to Scandinavia with snow. Covered with snow-covered fjords for this amazing experience throughout life.

In this section, we will expand the popular route for spending the unnatural Scandinavian winter vacation and see Northern Lights in Norway.

Fire, camera, action!
Northern Lights
Although technically Aurora Borealis can be seen at any time of the year due to its visibility depends on terrain, solar, and atmospheric conditions.

The main reason is that the start of the day of light is shorter, so the chance of seeing a polar glow is higher. Moreover, the closer you are to the “top of the globe”, the more likely it is to be. For this reason, northern countries such as Finland, Russia, Canada, Sweden,

Norway is considered to be the best destination for capturing northern lights.

Again, many travelers are inspired by the concept of vision. Aurora often decides not to make their adventures come true, often intimidated by the fact that winter in the colder northern regions. such as Scandinavia is the coldest of the year.

However, the good news is that traveling in the winter does not necessarily mean that there are a number of warm clothing shelves designed to help people survive at polar temperatures.

Actually, there are good weather friendly options, which means that seeing the Northern Lights does not have to be left in. “Stage Ideas” and easier to bring to life.

Among the most popular tourist routes is the land-based train, which takes trains and buses to take travelers from major cities to the north. Sometimes these programs include staying in a unique snow hotel or even a glass roof that gives you the chance to see the light from your room. Maybe a Northern Snow car is looking for a group tour or a visit to the special Aurora Observatory.

One of the most popular winter travel modes is an exciting journey: Northern Lights cruise in Norway. They live on a boat or a large boat, which is like a floating hotel. You can also explore the city of Norway during a stopover in the harbor of Alesund, Tromso, Kirkenes or the Lofoten Islands.

Also, if you are looking to see the Northern Lights from the waterfront, there are also several smaller Aurora cruise ships throughout Scandinavia. As a rule, the cruise will be done in the evening or at night, take several hours, and the show of nature will be as you sail.

Norwegian fairytale fjords, sprinkled with snow, look more alien in the winter, like the Disney scene captured in the animated film “Frozen”, the country’s natural beauty is absolutely fondness and the town itself sparkling, adorned with white snowflakes. So, aside from hunting Northern Lights, a trip to Norway in the winter can bring many surprises.

Most travelers arrive in the capital and Oslo is perhaps the most visited city in Norway in the winter. The great part about going to Oslo in for example January is that since this time of year this is considered a low tourist season, with fewer tourists than in the summer. For this reason, you do not have to rely on crowds of tourists, there are so many options for choosing hotels and dining tables in excellent restaurants and undoubtedly visiting the attractions and museums you need, such as the Vessel Museum. In comfort, peace and tranquility.

To take advantage of the great Norwegian winter tourism, plan a day or two to see the fjords. The best way to get there is to go to a small town in Norway such as Flam which can reach the Oslo to Flam Train running on the world famous Flamsbana Railway.

A great place to visit The magnificent Aurlandsfjord and the Naeroyfjord are located there. Imagine sipping a traditional hot honey wine called mead while you savor the view of the fjord. For fjords, fjords, or trendy fjords, just the top of the to-do list to keep your stay up-to-date.

In conclusion, if the Scandinavian winter fairy tale is the adventure you desire for your next vacation, do not worry too much in terms of the cold.

Prepare well before traveling to Norway and depart well.