The best secret in New Zealand: 5 lesser known places

There are many reasons why New Zealand is so popular for travelers from the weather to the beach culture, with people who are great places to visit.

However, if you want to find somewhere off the beaten path or a bit of a hidden gem. The following are five well-known cities surveyed.



Golden Bay


Head to the famous Takaka hill to explore the most beautiful golden beaches you do not want to go out in the summer.

Water is a calm, which makes it ideal for families to enjoy the paddle and you can head to the city to explore some quirky shops and local theaters. It is also a great base for trips to places like Te Waikoropupu Springs where you can experience the clearest sea!




Akaroa is close to Christchurch, so it is often overlooked by visitors without being overlooked. However, it is a beautiful tourist destination.

It’s a historic French and English community that just happened to be located in the heart of the ancient volcano! Amazing art galleries, fantastic caf├ęs and quaint towns that are perfect for day trips.






Obviously, 60% of tourists say they get at least two kilograms on holiday, and while Kaiwaka literally translates that “Food Canoe” you are likely to get even more! This is not a tourist area, and that’s what makes it great – it’s filled with the realities of Kiwis life. Make sure you head to the Kaiwaka Cheese Shop, La Nonna Italian Bakery and Jaques Four Square to fill you up!


Bruce Bay


If you are driving from Fox Glacier to Queenstown, you must stop at the Bruce Bay or Mahitahi coastline as it is well known for exploring not only some of the beautiful scenery. But this area is a nesting area for some native penguins, dolphin, hector, and even some southern right whale!


The Kauri Coast


If you are a nature lover, you need to travel to one of the best secrets in New Zealand – Kauri Coast is a landmark of indigenous plants where you will find Tane Mahuta, a large Kauri tree. Trounson Kauri Park is a beautiful spot for strolling, where you can see the kiwifruit in the wild!

There is something very exciting for finding somewhere other than everyone knows. After all, more and more people visit the higher priced places of things, more crowded and less exclusive. What makes these lesser known cities so popular is that they are quieter than the usual tourist traps and you get a little unique experience!

Did you know that other well known cities are the best kept secret in New Zealand? Let us know in the comments!