The best place in Spain

Wonder what is the best place in Spain? We asked four travel bloggers and expatriates to share their experiences of living abroad in Spain. As you recall, we tried to live in Seville and we had a list of pros and cons of living in Spain. Although we decided to move somewhere in Europe now, not the day we go without thinking of the great attractions we missed in Seville.

Spain is still a preferred destination for foreigners wishing to move out of the UK, especially the Brexit Post. We believe that Spain is a great choice because serious research has taken its toll. Good location For example, while we believe that Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the weather is too hot for us. So in the future, we might want to consider relocating one of the northern parts of Spain, a more forgiving climate and abundant wilderness. Spain is a wonderful country, with great food, great culture and wonderful landscapes. It’s no surprise that it’s still the top spot for retired foreigners and digital travelers. This is the best place to live in Spain, according to other foreigners.

Barcelona – Claire Sturzaker Backpack Tales
I fell in love with Barcelona the first time I moved there for a year as an exchange student. Later, I moved back and lived there for about three and a half years. The city is full of life and there is plenty to do, no matter the time of day, month or year – it is impossible to be bored in Barcelona! There are so many foreign communities, so I have friends from all over the world and with social groups like Meet Up and EatWith, you can find like-minded people. Barcelona is a hub for digital nomads too, with co-operative spaces throughout the city. Yes, there are too many tourists and August is hot and not exciting. But you can escape to the beach or on the mountain and ski in one day or take a dip in the Mediterranean on the next day. Barcelona really has everything. The food is amazing, the architecture is authentic, the nightlife, the Catalan culture, the festival, the sunshine, the list goes on! My favorite in Barcelona is going up the mountain to Tibidabo and Collserola for amazing views of the city below. Barcelona is a difficult place to leave and I will return to every opportunity I get!

Barcelona View

Madrid – Lola, Miss Phil
I spent 8 months living in Madrid, Spain and jumping to a few different neighborhoods. The easiest area for foreigners living in this area is the administrative district of Malasaña. Here you will find an endless tapas bar, wine cellar, clubhouse, unique boutiques and much more. Malasaña is connected by metro and bus lines and is centrally located in Madrid. The area has the most affordable and preferred rental rates in Spain. There are students, colleges, migrant workers and villagers living in the area. Those who seek luxury and luxury should live in the city of Salamanca (a state in the city of Madrid, not a college town), and those who want more tranquility and intimacy with nature will prefer to live near the Retiro Park Madrid. That’s fantastic in spain because there is something to do in town. But it is easy to flee in the other weekend in Spain through bus, train or plane. There are several incredible days traveling, just a few hours away from Madrid, not to be missed!


Palomares, Costa De Almeria – Faith, Xyu and others.
Palomares is a quirky village on the Costa de Almeria, Spain. Half way between Alicante to the north and Malaga to the south Palomares is a “rich” village of Spanish standards.

Palomares is famous because of the hydrogen bomb incident that occurred in 1996. B-52 bombers from the United States collided with a skipjack tanker over Palomares. The accident killed four crew members of the tanker and B52 killed 3 of the 7 crewmen and reduced the load. Two non-nuclear bombs exploded in Palomares, exploded, contacted three men, and the fourth was dropped into the sea.

The area has been besieged to this day, and each year many villagers are taken to Madrid to test whether the bombs have been damaged. Fortunately, no events have occurred with the health or physical effects of the explosion. Almost 50 years later, the US has signed an agreement to clean up the area in Palomares.

This village benefited from such an event because of its small wealthy area with many beautiful houses. The town square has many lovely restaurants and a great city center, where many have a light snack with beer and view. Palomares has all kinds of shops, from bakeries to pizzerias ( Fish Shop, several banks of Farmacia and the village market every Wednesday.


Granada – Molly, Piccavey
Since 2006, Granada is my hometown. Located in Andalusia, a magical city surrounded by snow-capped Nevada mountains, there are beaches in the south of the city. It allows you to enjoy skiing and outdoor activities. Many natural and scenic walks are available in the region.

The beautiful Alpujarra village houses a rustic-style country house located at the edge of the Natural Park Sierra Nevada Natural Park. The surrounding landscape is strong and lined with cactus, pear and fig tree. Crafts and crafts here are quite a treat.

Granada also has the coastline of the Costa Tropical, also known for its mild climate and fruit production, such as Avocado, Papaya and Mango. Motril, Salobreña and Almunecar are sea-going resorts suitable for water sports. the beach

The most famous places in Granada are the Alhambra Palace and the Albaicin quarter. Both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Alhambra is a jewel of Mudejar architecture, a collection of palaces and gardens from the 10th to the 19th centuries.

Albaicin is an old Arab district that overlooks the opposite palace. Marvelous streets are filled with crimson and common plant pots. A wonderful part of Granada to explore and crashing.


Seville – Manouk, Groetjes Uit Verweggistan
When I had the opportunity to study abroad, I went to find it. I want to go myself to see if I can work without anyone helping me. I ended up in Seville, southern Spain. The first time I went to this city was the day I moved there for six months. I started to love it very quickly. Living in Seville is like living in a museum: beautiful buildings everywhere. I can not believe this is my new home. Living in Seville is cheap compared to the Netherlands. That means dining in a casual restaurant with my friends, doing salsa lessons to meet more locals, and enjoying the sunshine at one of the beautiful plazas. This city steals my heart and is still my favorite place in the world.

Seville is very clean: the street is cleaned every night after sunset. I live outside the city, which makes it a little quiet. And do not make me start about people: everyone is very friendly. Baker took the time to teach the names of all the bread on a quiet day, and on campus they were patient, repeating everything twenty times until I understood.

Living in Seville can be a wonderful experience if it is for you: I love culture and the sun is burning. You have to accept the Spanish language service as a bit slow. But if you can accept this, I promise you will not regret living here. In fact you are not out!

Summer is too hot, but the other part of every year in Seville is wonderful. I like christmas ornaments like And if you know the city better, things like Semana Santa (Holy Week) are more special. We love this week and we can escape the crowd. The famous Seville’s Feria de Abril is the best restaurant if you know the people, because most of them are celebrated with friends in your tent. Being in Seville makes this city more charming and welcoming.

What is your favorite place in Spain? Where do you want to move? Tell your story in the comments section below.