Take a look at the fields of Nemophila, the Japanese blue flowers, the best places to visit near Tokyo!

พาชม ทุ่งเนโมฟีล่า ดอกสีฟ้า ญี่ปุ่น พิกัดน่าเที่ยวใกล้โตเกียว!

During this time, Japan entered the spring successfully. In this season, in addition to the cherry blossoms welcome There are also beautiful flower fields. To see many more One of them is Nemophila flower field That many people would be familiar with the familiar face of the blue Japanese flower, so say that the real thing is beautiful, super beautiful! It is also a place to visit near Tokyo.

Getting to know Nemophila flowers. First, get to know Japanese blue flowers. Nimophila flowers are small flowers in the family Hydrophullaceae. That depends on the ground, the color of the flower in the middle is white from the middle to the end. The petals are blue to blue. There is another English name called light blue eyes which compares the characteristics of this flower and blue eyes of infants. Nemophila will bloom during spring or late April to May.

Hitachi Seaside Park – Ibaraki


Go to see the blue Japanese flowers at the first coordinates. And the most famous tourist attraction in the field of Nemophila is the Hitachi Seaside Park: ทะเล 営 ひ た 海 浜 公園), a seaside garden in Ibaraki city Is a very famous flower garden It is also located near Tokyo, about 130 kilometers away. Can be considered as the center of the family and is also suitable for traveling to watch the flowers of couples as well. Whoever goes on a Japanese tour in the spring must not miss!

Japanese blue flower field on a wide hillside by the sea In the amusement park area will appear to the eyes when you look down from the Ferris wheel. Which is the highest point of the theme park within Hitachi Seaside Park or if viewed from the garden below, it will find the little hill that is covered with beautiful blue all the children It is a beautiful picture like heaven! The garden will have a path for you to see the beauty and the image of Nemophila flowers closely.

The secret that makes this flower garden beautiful is the Garden of Heaven. Ie meticulousness and caring from the planting process Gardeners will start planting Nemophila from December, which is winter. For this reason, it is necessary to have a covering of 35,000 square meters of gardens throughout the winter. To avoid the cold that may cause damage to the sapling Before the flowers bloom in early spring The gardeners will have to check the exact weather conditions again.