Rock Beach Swing Phuket, the coolest seaside shooting spot in Phuket

Rock Beach Swing Phuket is another new beachfront photo spot. With many angles to take pictures Balinese bird’s nest translation, swing, sofa translation on the beach, including a magnificent wooden sofa And the corner corner highlights the white paradise by the sea No need to go as far as Bali, just come to Phuket and get cool pictures. Can be dressed up to be stylish and beautiful

For the coordinates of the view point, Rock Beach Swing is located at the Karon Viewpoint, not far from the 3 pinpoint viewpoint, pinning from google to the exact place. When arriving, park your car in the parking lot and use the car service from the observation deck to go down. The fee is 250

baht per person. A receipt can be exchanged for 1 bottle of drinking water (children do not charge). From the parking lot, it takes only 5 minutes to reach the viewpoint, which has many shooting corners. Start with the white sofa with colorful cushions. That is between the paths