Phuket Old Town, see classic buildings, stop to eat delicious food

Apart from being well-known for its beautiful islands and sea, Phuket is a city with a long history and prosperity. In which one of Phuket’s glorious past marks the old Phuket town Full of Sino-Portuguese buildings on both sides of the road Until being a distinctive identity These old buildings are spread all over Phuket town within walking distance. There are also delicious restaurants, chic cafes, souvenir shops to enjoy shopping and eating. Upon arrival in Phuket Walking to see the old town is therefore a tourist activity that should not be missed.

For viewing Phuket Old Town Recommend walking Because most of the old buildings are located along the roads that are connected not too far away From Thalang Road, Chinatown, Tin, Phang Nga, Thep Krasattri. Walking, taking photos, stopping at this point, and enjoying it a lot. Because if driving is quite difficult to find parking If walking and tired, you can call a motorcycle driver that passes by to send to various spots. Fares start at 20 baht per trip. Appropriate times If wanting to walk and take pictures of the building in beautiful light Recommend the best morning But if wanting to stroll, stop by the restaurants, cafes, shops as well Come late afternoon Will not be very hot And during the night the Phuket Old Town area is quite bustling with many restaurants, cafes Located next to each other until it is not right to choose which store to go. Like the atmosphere or what kind of food you want. You can choose as you like. Most restaurants focus on local Phuket food that is hard to find. Southern food, Dim Sum, Kanom Jeen, famous noodles, desserts in the old Phuket town are all eaten until the stomach is tight.

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Thalang Road and Soi Rommanee
Old historical road This road is the center of tourism in the old Phuket area. That has many old commercial buildings Including shops, restaurants, cafes and gift shops Many stores The building has decorative patterns and arched windows. According to Neoclassical architecture There are beautiful patterns that emphasize nature. Wood vines, leaves and animals. Tenement building. This area has a distinctive front door. Is an old wooden folding wooden door The span of the pillars is as wide as 2 booths combined. Art Deco stucco windows and patterns are used harmoniously and beautifully, which in many houses and buildings today Has been repainted But still in the same format

In addition, Thalang Road There is still Soi Rommanee A small alley, another popular spot for tourists to take pictures because of the colorful, colorful buildings, including pink, yellow, blue and coffee shops. Many shops in this alley Including accommodation as well It is another route that tourists should not miss.