Before we reached the Kra Siew Dam The dude’s eyes pushed to see the sign of the cafe. Use the Hahia until it has time to rest Or really it’s free, so decided to drive the red pig Go straight to the Nahia coffee shop sign. Or the full name is “Learning Thai way of life and spirit of the peasantry” When Nong Padaeng took us inside, we will meet High observatory

That side A place to rest For many people who visit the Kao Siew Dam itself If anyone is interested to come to rest at the sandy beach, there will be a bamboo kiosk rental fee of 100 baht per seat. Each seat will cost 100 people, but if it's a little cold, it will be reduced to 50 baht. We are already cold. Just 50 baht to sit, chill, sit, swim, play banana boat, here also have service. So we went to sit and chew along the sandy beach.