Khao Hin Son Research Development Center Chachoengsao

Agro-tourism Follow the footprints near the city. In the project of His Majesty the King, Phanom Sarakham, Chachoengsao, touching the way of life is simple enough in accordance with the concept of His Majesty. Free Visit There are trams for groups.

“Khao Hin Son Education Center Because of the Royal Initiative ”
The Center for Agricultural Education and Development And the arts and crafts to farmers and the general public. Route agricultural sufficiency According to father’s theories

Started in 1979, the villagers offered land to build a royal palace. But His Majesty He is a center for agricultural development. To make people benefit from land. And the land gave him. Total area of ​​1,895 rai.

To be a training center. And academic studies. To develop agriculture And to the farmers in the East.

Changed from degraded area To become a learning center and a rich agricultural park with livestock and livestock.

As the royal saying, “The people are happy, we are happy, the key is the people will benefit. At first planted cassava. Not up Now better Changed so much ”

I hope the center. Act like The “Living Nature Museum” is a comprehensive development center, which is both a science and technology center. And relax in the same time.

It is an agricultural tourism. Back to top Near Bangkok It is a place to relax on holiday. The public interest to visit. And study

Trams are available for groups. Contact us every day. Including Saturday – Sunday.
One car can seat 30 people. Tram service fee is 300 baht per car.

Take a look at the area. Big trees The atmosphere is cool and there is a large pool.

Watch “Three Gable Palace” or “Three Gables House”
The hospice is a 2-storey wooden house with a raised platform. His Majesty the King. In construction He also designed himself.

Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand, on July 21, 1980.

“Father’s House”

“The Land Museum”
It is a place to learn about soil, exploring soil classification for sustainable use.

Watch “deer” in livestock area inside the center.

“Suspension bridge”
Landmark of the Center Tourists can stroll. Photography by the way.

Wet ponds are planted for conservation and propagation. In order not to lose from Thailand, large trees with trunk up to 3 meters

Day – Open time
Monday – Friday from 08.30 to 16.30.
Saturday Sunday And public holidays
Can come to visit itself. (Staff stop)

(Free of charge to visit)