For Ko Kood boats, there are 3 big companies, there are speed boats and ferries. Boonsiri Company Boat

Price is 500 baht per trip, but Boonsiri will have a late night bus as well, including return boat Get on the car at Khao San Road but not sure how much the price, Ko Kood Express 350 per trip, Ko Kood Princess This trip, the accommodation is reserved by Koh Kood Princess Company The price is 350 baht for a round trip. 700 baht is a large boat that can carry about 300

people. Just see the sign that he wrote. Hahahahaha. Those who are afraid of seasickness in the back are natural air conditioners. Meaning that I was afraid of getting drunk On the way back, try to sit inside. It turns out that it’s not drunk and the air conditioner is cool. I forgot to mention the day I went before the boat left the pier, met with dolphins to swim near the shore. Very excited. Just seen, haha.