Best travel deals from Florence, Italy

A single day trip from Florence to Italy can take you to the best places in Italy within a few hours. Just hop on the train and in no time you can ride a gondola through Venice or sip wine in Chianti, or dine your way through Bologna or take hilarious friends with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

And I should know – I am an expert in tourism in northern Italy. I lived in Florence for four months and since then came back to Italy more than ten times. I traveled all over Italy from Veneto to Sicily. But my expertise lies in northern central Italy: Tuscany, Umbria and Emilia-Romagna.

The great thing about these three regions is that they are all within the confines of Florence. And with new high-speed trains built in the past decade, traveling across northern Italy has never been easier. (Or faster)!


For this reason, you can set up a base in Florence to travel to Italy and still see a variety of Italy. For a two-week trip to Italy, the first time of the first timer, I recommend using the full week in Florence, booked a few days in Rome and Venice. I often like to change accommodation more often and this is a good way to have a long term base. (And less packing and packaging) while still seeing different destinations in Italy.

I selected the best travel dates from Florence: Tuscany Travel But also the surrounding area. Famous spots like Rome and Cinque Terre are on my list. But the little-known spots like Pienza (oh I love Pienza SO much!) And Volterra. If you are a loyal Catholic I have the perfect destination for you. If you are a Shakespeare superfan, I have a trip for you as well.

Here are my friends for the best day trip from Florence!


Important day trips from Florence: Pisa and Lucca
Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Italy. Not to mention the fact that it was made for Instagram! And since it’s only an hour away from Florence, today’s journey is very easy.

Anyway … While Pisa is good, I do not think it has enough attractions to fine-tune the day. Luckily, having a Tuscan town surrounded by walled walls makes for a perfect match: Lucca! Luke is like a mini Florence full of beauty and art and charm. It does not get its tourists. But it is not as overwhelming as Siena or San Gimignano.


The best in Pisa:

Use all Egyptium in front of the Leaning Tower. Go ahead and be wonderful – others will!
Climbing the Leaning Tower tickets is limited and strictly scheduled to keep the tower safe and it is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance as it may take a long time.
Do not forget other buildings! Duomo, Baptistery and other towers by the tower, it’s worth your exploration.
Explore Pisa Take a stroll along the Arno. Visit the Church of Santa Maria della Spina. See Piazza Dei Cavalieri.
The best thing to do in Lucca:

Luke is a perfect city for a passionate walk. The best time you have will come from what you discover without a destination.
Walk along the wall Luke is a walled city and walking along the wall gives a beautiful view across the region.
You can make a trip to Pisa yourself and you can go to Lucca yourself. But I think it’s best to do it in a single day. Use Pisa in the morning and Luke in the afternoon.